Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

“Karl Marx was intent on fomenting war between economic classes; Cultural Marxists have expanded the scope of his target to races, genders, and religious Christians. Identity Politics, or Cultural Marxism, has been the core curriculum of American public and private schools for several generations now.

“To distance themselves from the Communist atrocities they made possible, and to absolve their ideas from responsibility for the catastrophic results, radicals have changed the name of their utopia to “social justice.” But their political mission—civil war in pursuit of a totalitarian ambition to remake the world and dominate its inhabitants—remains the same.”

— from “The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America” by David Horowitz

“David Horowitz has been the bête noire of the Left for decades on account of his courageous revelations of their aims and tactics, and now he sounds the alarm: the barbarians are already inside the gates.

Horowitz lays out how we have ended up in the worst national crisis since the Civil War. He details:

• The Left’s embrace of Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism—the underpinnings of their totalitarian ideology

• The decades-long infiltration of our education system by ideologies hostile to America, our institutions, and our freedom

• Why the Obama administration marked a point of no return in the division of America into two irreconcilable political factions

• Their political exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic

• Their complicity in the riots of the summer of 2020, which left twenty-five dead, injured two thousand police officers, caused billions of dollars in property damage, and revealed the fragility of our civic order…

About the Author

DAVID HOROWITZ is a noted chronicler and opponent of the American Left: former Communist, conservative commentator, and a bestselling author, he is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles and the author of Radical Son, The Black Book of the American Left, and The Enemy Within.

March 8. Int’l Women’s Day. “What women? Very few women of the planet. A small but powerful elite chosen by the corporate forces of former colonial powers. They were chosen to bring new and unnatural values to the world via complicit media.