Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

“Karl Marx was intent on fomenting war between economic classes; Cultural Marxists have expanded the scope of his target to races, genders, and religious Christians. Identity Politics, or Cultural Marxism, has been the core curriculum of American public and private schools for several generations now. “To distance themselves from the Communist atrocities they made possible,… Read More Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

Drs. Larry Chapp and Rodney Howsar on “Suicidal” Vision of Cardinal McElroy

Robert Walter McElroy (born February 5, 1954) is an American prelate of the Catholic Church who has served as the sixth bishop of the Diocese of San Diego in California since 2015. He has written articles for America, the official magazine of the Jesuits in the United States. Pope Francis created him a cardinal on 27 August 2022.[1] Wikipedia. “Cardinal McElroy’s theological vision is a recipe for… Read More Drs. Larry Chapp and Rodney Howsar on “Suicidal” Vision of Cardinal McElroy

Weather Balloons? Deep State(s) Psy-Ops? ‘Signs and Lying Wonders’?

In any case, whatever it all turns out to be this time, whether altogether mundane or something else, we know that one day Christians can expect “wicked deceptions” to descend upon the earth, originating from “principalities and powers … the rulers of the world of this darkness … the spirits of wickedness in the high… Read More Weather Balloons? Deep State(s) Psy-Ops? ‘Signs and Lying Wonders’?

You Will Bring Liberation, Soldier!

You are creating a new world, soldier!Isn’t that what you signed up to do,to kill and die for, soldier? You will…ridicule enemy cultureswreck economiesmock traditionsterrorize their“moral absolutes” You willcut off their ballsthrow their titsinto cold tin basinsturn boys into girlsgirls into boysmothers into MILFSfathers into jokeschurches into effeminate echoschildren into pin-ups! You will teach themthat… Read More You Will Bring Liberation, Soldier!

Science, So-Called

 “Science,” from the time of Francis Bacon especially, is one of the most philosophically loaded word-concepts in any language.  It is thus perilous to follow the fads of speculative, as opposed to hard, science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) which is ever in flux, because if Adam goes, per evolutionary philosophy, so does the Cross with it… Read More Science, So-Called