Ireland’s Undeclared Autocoup?

By Ireland’s John Waters.
March 6. Substack. Excerpt.

Autogolpe’(Spanish): ‘A self-coup, also called autocoup, a form of coup d’état in which a nation’s leadership, having come to power legitimately, tries to stay in power through illegal means.’

Something odd has been happening in
Ireland in the past week or so. This in itself is not unusual: Very strange things have been happening in Ireland for many years, and markedly for the past dozen. For a complex set of reasons, these events — relating to the sovereignty and freedom of the Irish people, or, more precisely, the decremental erosion of such — arouse little accurately focused comment in Ireland itself, and none at all in the wider world. But this recent event is of a different order, for it bespeaks a new phase in the power struggle that has been assailing my country, perhaps a sign of panic among those who have been orchestrating or implementing the dismantling of Irish democracy and the obliteration of its individuality and culture for many years, with the final end of eliminating the Irish people themselves.

The event I refer to is the sudden eruption of commentary from leading leftists to the effect that Ireland may be about to undergo a ‘right-wing’ coup. On Friday last, the leader of the extreme leftist party, People Before Profit, Richard Boyd Barrett, made a strange public intervention when he claimed that the imminent prospect of a left-wing government — a figment of his party’s fevered dreams — would be stymied by ‘the rich’. In a party document publicised in a media which is itself relentlessly left-wing, PBP claimed that Ireland’s wealthiest people would ‘use their control over the media to turn the population against a left government’, by which he appeared mainly to have in mind the prospect of a government after the next election (probably mid-2024) led by Sinn Féin, the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army, which finally laid down its guns in 1998, after the Good Friday Agreement, the only leftist party with even a snowball’s chance in a sauna of achieving power. Even more oddly, PBP also says it is ‘openly arguing that Sinn Féin cannot be trusted to carry through a consistent left programme.’

But even this prospect (of a Sinn Féin-led government) has, the party claims, ‘led to a barrage of propaganda from the Irish Independent, the Irish Times and RTÉ against the party.’ Even more bizarrely, the example provided is the US-inspired Chilean coup of 1973, which resulted in the assassination of the socialist president, Salvador Allende, and the installation of the crypto-fascist government of General Augusto Pinochet. And it would not stop there, the document continued, for the wealthy would use ‘far-right and fascist gangs who use a spurious radical rhetoric to divert anger on to social scapegoats such as migrants, gay, or trans people’ and would ‘deploy the police and the army to move against elected left-wing governments.’

If the issues confronting Irish democracy were not so serious, this would be comical. For one thing, the Irish media are not controlled by ‘wealthy’ people: they are largely controlled from outside the country by people who are supporters of the globalist cabal — the Combine — with its retail outlet based in Davos, Switzerland, which is currently seeking to subjugate the remaining democracies of the West in a neo-feudal crypto-communist autocracy which the leftist parties of Ireland — with Sinn Féin and People Before Profit to the fore — have been serving in the capacities of, yes, suppliers of fascist gangs, who use radical rhetoric to divert anger on to largely non-existent scapegoats (the ‘far right’ being the prime example, a code term for anyone opposed to the Government) and working hand-in-glove with the police (An Garda Siochána) to ensure that no group that is not approved by the Combine is permitted to hold a public meeting or protest without inviting sustained and often violent attacks led by these leftist parties and their proxies in such as Antifa and BLM.

These claims of an impending coup, which have been supported and repeated by other extreme leftists, bespeak both panic and projection, not only among the leftist allies of Ireland’s most tyrannical government for a century, but also in the governing administration itself, which undoubtedly faces an extreme popular backlash from a public now beginning to awaken from three years in a trance-induced coma. This mad talk of a coup may therefore be occurring in anticipation or fear of an impending uprising of the population against the orchestrators and facilitators of the flood of immigrants ushered in under cover of lockdown in the past few years, and the escalating levels of mortality that are self-evidently the result of the experimental medical treatment forced upon the population from early 2021. 

For the past three years, both Sinn Féin and People Before Profit have been working in tandem with the coalition Government comprising the two traditionally dominant political parties, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael (for nearly a century at loggerheads despite being virtually indistinguishable mirror images of one another). Notwithstanding this cooperation, shifting to the electoral context, SF and PBP like occasionally to remind the electorate that the governing parties are ‘right-wing’, and are supported by some profoundly anti-freedom syndicate among the domestic rich and powerful. This is largely a smokescreen to conceal the fact that both parties have, for the past three years, been working assiduously in concert with a Government that is clearly intent upon dismantling freedom and democracy in Ireland, having disabled the Irish Constitution in the spring of 2020, imposed the most sustained lockdown in Europe into 2022, introduced and defended a law that, for the first time in a century of independence, imposed an apartheid based on ‘medical’ injections on its own people, and generally went about deleting the hard-won freedoms and independence of the Irish nation and demonising and assailing anyone who sought to defend these.

Now, however, the leftist-backed governmental campaign to flood Ireland with indifferent aliens while its indigenous population was locked down and intimidated into a profound mutism, has begun to manifest a series of rapidly widening cracks. A systematic programme of population supplanting, the most radical since Oliver Cromwell, has been imposed not directly on the wealthy but on working class communities all over Ireland, who have now risen up in refusal, and for their trouble been daubed as racists by such as the leftist nodding donkeys in Sinn Féin and People Before Profit. While the homeless Irish sleep in tents in public parks, untested and unvetted outsiders bereft of identity documents are put up in five-star hotels at the expense of the Irish taxpayer. Meanwhile, mortality rates in Ireland are going through the roof, with many areas where informal surveys are being conducted reporting increases of up to 40 per cent on normative patterns, and a doubling of sudden deaths among young people. Attempts to ventilate these issues have been shouted down by Government spokespersons and their leftist lackeys, who now — belatedly — seek to establish some clear blue water between themselves and this unfolding catastrophe by re-insinuating themselves as the beleaguered voices of the downtrodden and forgotten. Even more bizarre is Boyd Barrett’s suggestion that a coup from the ‘right’ might be driven by members of the police force, An Garda Siochána, which for three years has been enthusiastically assisting the political class in subduing and brutalising the population and forcing it to accept the destruction of its freedoms and way of life. It takes a specially-reinforced brass neck to complain about Garda ‘heavy-handedness’ in policing left-wing demonstrations in the past three years, when every such event — such as BLM-style demonstrations in the Summer of Hate of 2020 — was notable for the palpable absence of adequate policing, or any enforcement of Covid regulations, in sharp contrast to the treatment of anti-lockdown demonstrators.

Barrett added that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael had long had time to ‘deepen their roots’ in the police and the military, and that ‘elements’ within these forces ‘could and would’ be used to prevent the implementation of a radical left agenda. In fact, during that same summer, PBP activists were regularly seen standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Garda heavies in seeking to drive anti-lockdown demonstrators off the streets. Although such operations involving members of political parties and movements — usually sponsored by such as the Open Society Foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — have for some time been commonplace in the United States, they were unheard of in Ireland until the gay marriage referendum campaign of 2015. Before that, participants in the political marketplace respected the right of opponent to hold different views, to conduct electoral campaigns and public meetings, and to lead demonstrations against aspects of government policy. This democratic tradition came to an end with the intervention of the externally-financed LGBT goons, and was afterwards taken up as a standard modus operandi by mainstream leftist parties, all of which support the Woke agenda.

Perhaps PBP now perceives that the tyrannical attitudes of coalition politicians to parties or individuals opposing the Government from outside the system could very quickly be adapted to target lesser elements within the system — even leftist ones. His intervention, then, may amount to no minor hypocrisy.  Something far more utilitarian may be at play: his ‘coup’ nonsense is an attempt to avail of the memory-holing of key events of the Covid period — achieved largely through the use of confounding and demoralising propaganda — to pretend that PBP members never joined with State forces to brutalise citizens defending their rights and freedoms. Boyd Barrett’s objective may be to rehabilitate the reputation of his party in the political mainstream — to the limited (thanks to supportive journaliars) extent that it has been damaged — and return himself and his crew of political whores to the ‘populist left’ job-description they evinced prior to 2020…”