Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

“Karl Marx was intent on fomenting war between economic classes; Cultural Marxists have expanded the scope of his target to races, genders, and religious Christians. Identity Politics, or Cultural Marxism, has been the core curriculum of American public and private schools for several generations now. “To distance themselves from the Communist atrocities they made possible,… Read More Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

The Faustian Face of Modern Science

Understanding the Epistemological Foundations of Scientific Totalitarianism. by Phillip D. Collins. Scientific totalitarianism is certainly not a new topic in the halls of political science and history. Given its bloody legacy of democide (i.e., state-sanctioned genocide, mass murder, and politicide) and its prolific spread throughout the world, scientific totalitarianism remains a preoccupying sociopolitical phenomenon of… Read More The Faustian Face of Modern Science

Anthony Fauci’s “Humanized Mice” and Scalps From Aborted Babies

Ghoul-in-chief. “Dr. Fauci is Funding a Montana Lab to Scalp Babies to Make “Humanized Mice” ” Anthony Fauci, serving as Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, has funded a research project at the University of Pittsburgh which is grafting the detached scalps of aborted babies onto lab mice. The purpose of the experiment is to create… Read More Anthony Fauci’s “Humanized Mice” and Scalps From Aborted Babies