Anthony Fauci’s “Humanized Mice” and Scalps From Aborted Babies

Ghoul-in-chief. “Dr. Fauci is Funding a Montana Lab to Scalp Babies to Make “Humanized Mice”

” Anthony Fauci, serving as Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, has funded a research project at the University of Pittsburgh which is grafting the detached scalps of aborted babies onto lab mice. The purpose of the experiment is to create “humanized mice,” an experiment that was previously taking place in Montana before it was shut down by the Trump Administration….”

Montana Daily Gazette

“Along with their article, the researchers published photos of their experiment – horrific images that show tufts of babies’ hair growing on the rodents.

“Earlier this week, a new video from the Center for Medical Progress shared details about the gristly experiment and other research projects at the university involving aborted baby body parts…”

Biden’s personal search and destroy mission