Biden’s Personal Search and Destroy Mission

An Apparent Death Cult Disguised as a Human Rights Campaign for Women. The Biden administration plans to broaden access to abortion medication, including pills. Abortion will be a major issue in mid-term elections and in 2024.

“Health Secretary Xavier Becerra promised to “leave no stone unturned” on abortion care.

Herod the Great murdered a great number of children and many others for political purposes

The federal government will make abortion pills more readily available to patients now that states have moved to ban abortion following the Supreme Court overturning its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, the Biden administration’s top health official said on Tuesday.

Increasing access to this drug is a national imperative and in the public interest,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said during a 30-minute press conference at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

Becerra vowed his office will work with federal law enforcement agencies to ensure that states cannot ban abortion pills, as some Republican-led states have tried to do — though it’s unclear how the laws would be enforced given that pills are sent through the mail.

Federal offices also will be sending information to healthcare providers about the medications, called misoprostol and mifepristone, Becerra said. But he stopped short of saying that every medical provider should offer the abortion pill when asked about the possibility by a reporter.”



I had an abortion when I was a single mother and my daughter was 2 years old. I would do it again. But you know the Greek myths when you kill a relative you are pursued by furies? For months, it was as if baby furies were pursuing me.

“These are not the words of a benighted, superstition-ridden teenager lost in America’s cultural backwaters. They are the words of a Cornell-educated, urban-dwelling Democratic-voting 40-year-old cardiologist. I’ll call her Clare. Clare is exactly the kind of person for whom being pro-choice is an unshakeable conviction. If there were a core constituent of the movement to secure abortion rights, Clare would be it. And yet: her words are exactly the words to which the pro-choice movement is not listening”.— Our Bodies, Our Souls: Naomi Wolf evaluates “Pro-Choice” strategy,  Naomi Wolf, The New Republic, 1995

Floating abortion ‘clinic’ proposed in Gulf to bypass bans

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