Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

“Karl Marx was intent on fomenting war between economic classes; Cultural Marxists have expanded the scope of his target to races, genders, and religious Christians. Identity Politics, or Cultural Marxism, has been the core curriculum of American public and private schools for several generations now. “To distance themselves from the Communist atrocities they made possible,… Read More Fake and Dangerous “Social Justice”

Nothing Sacred

…. Human Compost Served to “Earth Mother Gaia”. Human remains can legally be used as compost from 2027 thanks to new California law aimed at tackling climate change  “… AB 351 will provide an additional option for California residents that is more environmentally-friendly and gives them another choice for burial,’ Democratic Assembly member Cristina Garcia,… Read More Nothing Sacred

Perception, Reality and the Videodrome

“The television screen [or, similarly, Internet ‘entertainment’ programming] has become the retina of the mind’s eye…the battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the Videodrome. “Whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it. Therefore television is reality and reality is less… Read More Perception, Reality and the Videodrome

The Beat Generation… cultural catastrophe. By Roger Kimball

“We’ll get you through your children.” —Allen Ginsberg, 1958 The core of the heresy of the Free Spirit lay in the adept’s attitude towards himself: he believed that he had attained a perfection so absolute that he was incapable of sin. Disclaiming book-learning and theological subtleties, they rejoiced in direct knowledge of God- indeed, they… Read More The Beat Generation… cultural catastrophe. By Roger Kimball

John Lennon and The Seductions of Beautiful Nothing

“Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream”—John Lennon Perhaps it is one of those curious fearful symmetries that the words of John Lennon quoted above are found in the Beatles’ album titled ‘Revolver’…and that he was finally gunned down, shot multiple times in the back by a “fan”. I grew up reading Kerouac… Read More John Lennon and The Seductions of Beautiful Nothing