The Ukraine War, the Pope, & the West

The Imaginative Conservative.
Victor Orban interview excerpt.

“… the Hungarian position was that there was hardly any chance that there could be a winner in this war. It will have losers, but it won’t have winners.

“Russia is coming up against a brick wall, and as NATO is supplying Ukraine with weapons and money, it’s simply up to the West and America to decide how much it’s willing to spend, and for how long. It’s very hard to defeat modern Western weapons systems and a US budget that’s willing to spend almost unlimited funds on them. And on the other hand you have Russia: a country of 140 million, much bigger than Ukraine, with many more people, many more soldiers, much more powerful conventional weapons, and nuclear weapons – the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

My imagination isn’t vivid enough to envisage someone being able to defeat a nuclear power. So anyone who thinks that the Russians are going to sit back and wait for their defeat – to accept a military defeat, the collapse of their political system, the assassination of their president, a drone strike over Red Square – hasn’t yet outgrown their childhood. Such things exist in fairy tales, but not in reality.

This is why it was clear from the start that, despite all the high hopes, this was going to be a war with only losers: terrible destruction, a large part of Ukraine razed to the ground, orphans, widows, hundreds of thousands of dead and people suffering life-changing, crippling and irreversible injuries. And their numbers are growing every day. The cemeteries are filling up…”


Thomas Merton and Tucker Carlson on the Nuclear Danger