Judeo-Christian Westernism. An Impossible Triangulation.

Review Author: Jason M. Morgan, April 2022, New Oxford Review. The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great. By Ben Shapiro. Publisher: Broadside Books. Pages: 288..Price: $27.99. The Person of Jesus Christ is the hinge of all human history. The Messiah for whom the Jews had waited broke into our world in Bethlehem… Read More Judeo-Christian Westernism. An Impossible Triangulation.

Austen Ivereigh on Pope Francis and the ‘Technocratic Paradigm’

 “misguided anthropocentrism” Whose “New World Order”? “In what Romano Guardini calls the technocratic paradigm, Francis offers a unifying account of many kinds of insensibility: financiers ignoring the real human lives that lie at the bottom of complex mortgage refinancing schemes, corporate behemoths trashing forests in poor countries in the quest for profit, shareholders driving down… Read More Austen Ivereigh on Pope Francis and the ‘Technocratic Paradigm’