Tradwives’ push back against critics who say their viral homemaking lifestyle is ‘alarming’

Counterrevolution? In sickness or in health, for richer or poorer… “Tradwives, a newly coined term for traditional wives, is a subculture of housewives who believe in clear gender roles, the importance of homemaking and a patriarchal marriage, according to many women who self-identify as tradwives.

Tradwives are women who honor femininity, care for their husbands, children and family, and value the state of their home more than they do a salary, yet are not subservient, according to the Darling Academy, a British website.

Over 152,000 mentions of ‘tradwife’

Though a traditional housewife may submit to her husband, she is not considered of lesser importance to him, or allows herself to be in a position that threatens her right,” says the group’s “What is a Trad Wife?” guide. 

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The corporate strategy has largely been: make children and families appear to be ‘oppression’ (the home a jail instead of a nest) and keep everyone f–king every which way (even defying natural gender) as long as babies and marriage are viewed with disdain. Then “liberate” women by driving them from their families into the arms of the Big Bosses to serve as generally low wage worker-bees in the vast hive which would inevitably drive down men’s wages, double workforce numbers, and, of course, taxes, especially taxes, a major source of all future governmental endeavors… Read more