The Radical Feminism Trick

Radical Feminism as we know it today has been a trick almost from the beginning with many philosophical subtexts* written into every “advance” of it’s development.

The corporate strategy has largely been: make children and families appear to be ‘oppression’ (the home a jail instead of a nest) and keep everyone f–king every which way (even defying natural gender) as long as babies and marriage are viewed with disdain. Then “liberate” women by driving them from their families into the arms of the Big Bosses to serve as generally low wage worker-bees in the vast hive which would inevitably drive down men’s wages, double workforce numbers, and, of course, taxes, especially taxes, a major source of all future governmental endeavors.

The truth is men have always been the willing servants / “slaves” of women and family. They found shelter for their wives (however great or humble), fed their babies, gave direction and taught their children necessary skills for living, and even died in countless wars to protect them all and the others they loved. Men forever gave themselves for family. As did their mothers and wives. The family is a communion of self-sacrifice.

So, in sum, first the New Order “invited” girls and women, ala Betty Friedan & Gloria Steinem, to the avant garde glories of “liberation” from the family. This doubled the work force, doubled the taxes for the voracious Almighty State, and radically drove down men’s wages.

Today women are even “liberated” to become front line War Fodder too (combat troops).

Betty Friedan, Elinor Guggenheimer, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Gloria Steinem

The bankers, in keeping with the Glass-Steagall Act, were able to increase mortgage rates and rents to keep up with an inflationary money supply, so what began as the glorious invitation (for women to finally find their autonomy from husbands and children and to be farmed out to marketplace bosses) became a necessity, not a choice, for most, since most families could not now subsist on one husband’s income.

Then health insurance was forced to skyrocket to keep up with pre-Covid workplace numbers, so that millions found it difficult to pay health costs.

Family sizes inevitably were made by financial pressures and / or housing size to reduce: the Pill and abortion (especially for Blacks and low income girls and women) did the job well. Promiscuity soared.

Today, it is the Middle Class itself that is being decimated as more and more jobs are made obsolete by robotics and / or farmed out overseas, reducing wages here even more.

Immigrants were and are enticed to come, en masse, so that the goal of creating a vast permanent underclass serving the bankers and political bosses can be fully realized.

Population Control measures can take care of the rest. — SH



Many an administrator, teacher and even “progressive” cleric, we can be sure, advocates an alphabet soup of gender “choices” for students —all the way to surgical gender reassignment— so that they– the teachers and administrators— can have first dibs on what they see as young legal flesh in their “New World Order”. Very young people, they cynically insist, have been deprived of their “human right” to sexual freedom / autonomy for far too long.

— Louise Perry (who is, you will see, not Catholic), is author of The Case Against the Sexual Revolution’, talks to Brendan O’Neill about the problem with porn, the case for marriage, and why washing machines have done more for women than feminism

See also Big Sister: Gloria Steinem and the CIA

Biden Uses ‘Birthing People’ in Budget

(*) Especially Darwinist presuppositions with vast implications which were immediately exploited by Big Business and then High Tech. If there is no God mankind is a huge herd which must be controlled (farmed) and directed by natural (eugenical) superiors via the magik of an unprecedented sophisticated technology. True signs and wonders.

More David Berlinski, mathematician and philosopher of science, on Darwinism.


—- Progressives and Afro Americans

Eva Vlaardingerbroek on modern feminism


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International Women's Day marked by US unions “In 1908, the U.S. Socialist Party’s formed a Woman’s National Committee which called for the Party to designate a day each year to campaign for women’s suffrage. “National Woman’s Day” began in 1909. Inspired by the U.S. events, European socialist leaders initiated what would later be known as International Women’s Day with a proposal unanimously passed at the Second International Conference of Socialist Women held in Copenhagen, August 26-27, 1910”— More…

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Pope John Paul II on the Dignity and Vocation of Women

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