Was Christopher Columbus the Villain of the Americas? Dr. Carol Delaney

Dr. Carol Delaney is a non-Catholic, non-religious cultural anthropologist.

Carol Lowery Delaney (b. December 12, 1940) is American anthropologist and author.

Delaney earned an A.B. in philosophy from Boston University in 1962, an M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School in 1976, and her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1984.

The book: Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem. How Religion Drove the Voyages that Led to America



If one was a poor indigenous person about to get his heart ritually ripped out on pyramidal structures in the land of the Aztecs or in other oppressive customs, one was not likely to view Europeans (who brought so much good) as evil as the one-sided bombardier Howard Zinn did.


Russell Kirk on being Catholic

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