The Russia – Ukraine Tragedy

Statement on the Ukraine conflictA Call to Peace and End to War. Los Angeles Catholic Worker.

“We are anti-war. We believe war is a moral failure stemming from our unwillingness to actively work for peace. From the individual to the collective national level, the prioritizing of shortsighted self-interest has created this crisis.

Victims of Immoral Geopolitical Contests

“People throughout the world have suffered historically from reactionary violence backed by global powers. We believe the Ukrainians are victims of this horrible violence because of the conflict among the “superpowers” U.S.A., Russia, and their allies. We stand with all victims of this war, including the often overlooked on all sides of the conflict.

“The prospect of nuclear war brings an additionally horrifying element to this crisis. We continue to stand for dismantling nuclear weapons and total disarmament, because as long as nuclear weapons remain on earth, this is the inevitable end game.

War Refugees

“We recognize that governments and individuals have made swift and hospitable responses to many Ukrainian refugees, but it is also clear that the evils of racism and xenophobia(*) continue to influence whose safety is prioritized. Too often, those fleeing violence face these evils instead of the support and protection all human beings deserve. We must do better for refugees of all races, religions, and ethnicities. 

Media Propaganda

“We know the first casualty of war is the truth, and it is the unique responsibility of the media to depict complicated issues in their entirety. Particularly in a globalized, militarized world, any media that fails to do this must be called out and corrected. As the Russian people are being lied to through state-sponsored media, we also must acknowledge the interests of our corporate news sources and act with skepticism towards the claims they both make.


“While this conflict is the result of Russian aggression, it would be irresponsible and unproductive not to name the role the U.S. and NATO play here, both in supporting the overthrow of Ukrainian elected President Viktor Yanukovych, in stockpiling various weapons around the western borders of Russia. 

a) Regime Change? — b) The Administration denies c.) Orwellian Doublethink? Y – N?

“We are grateful for the model of those who, in the face of overwhelming odds, have decided courageously to resist nonviolently, including those in Russia who have risked arrest and many years in prison for protesting against this war.

“For the good of our world, the future of our descendants, and for the sake of our very souls, we believe there has never been a better time to invest in peace.” — The Los Angeles Catholic Worker. (A statement I make my own. SH).

Update August 28, 2022. Peter Hitchens: A Long War Will Give Us Nothing But Blood. It’s Time for Peace.

—April: The Warfare State’s Infinitely Mendacious Echo Chamber — David Stockman

Meanwhile, as Putin allegedly commits atrocities and the innocent suffer, the entire planet is convulsing both from military and culture wars, i.e., the institutional reestimation of all traditional morals and values. An American-led ‘New World Order’ is spearheading the global export of these new values, and soldiers in many nations are being “educated” to fight and die for these. It is time to reevaluate all of this before it is too late for all of us.

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