Science, So-Called

 “Science,” from the time of Francis Bacon especially, is one of the most philosophically loaded word-concepts in any language.  It is thus perilous to follow the fads of speculative, as opposed to hard science (i.e., mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) which is ever in flux, because if Adam goes, per evolutionary philosophy, so does the Cross with him (Rom 5:12-21), according to both the Lord and St. Paul’s teachings(1).

Short of what little God has been pleased to reveal, the origin and ends of the universe in the final analysis will ever remain an ultimate mystery beyond the ability of any person to “measure” and comprehend. Evolutionary philosophy must always consider the Virgin Birth to be an oxymoron and the resurrection and Eucharist to be utter nonsense,

foolishness to the Greeks and a stumbling block to Jews” (1 Cor. 1:18f).

Catholic theology is bound to deviate from both Sacred Scripture and Tradition and thus become unstable to the extent that it follows evolutionary error. Outside of Faith and morals (which evolutionary philosophy often vitiate) the magisterium is simply not competent to judge. Some recent popes who were in effect inclined to plead ‘no contest” relative to modern science were thankfully more philosophically rooted in faith in the biblical witness than most evolutionists would care to tolerate.