Vlad the Perplexing

John Waters, Ireland: ‘The biggest lie is that Russia is intent upon rebuilding the Soviet Union. Instead, Putin is building a new civilisation, based on Christianity, tradition, nationhood and family…‘ — view of John Waters, Substack

Putin liberated the Russian Orthodox Church. Solzhenitsyn thought well of him mostly, if not without some qualifications.

He rejects the West’s lunatic moral decadence and he behaves like an imperialist Czar..

Is he the real deal with genuine geopolitical grievances or a fraud trying to enrich himself, his borders and his own name?

So many questions.


Biden one watches a proportionately far smaller nation spilling its blood, a reported proxy for the wayward West while he examines

Have lies been told? There certainly is precedent. Who does not remember the lies used to justify the immoral attack on Iraq and it’s horrific consequences? And have we not been warned about the dangers of NATO expansion since the 1990s?

What are we to make of it all? And of him?

Antiwar.com: 12/26/22. CIA Directing Sabotage in Russia

December 22, 2022

—Previous: Putin is more rational than NATO realizes

Historian David Starkey on Putin and Power

— Some Russians reportedly leaving country for Finland

In World War II, we Americans did not go to war with Germany for Great Britain, when it declared war on Hitler’s Germany and then was defeated in France. We went to war with Germany only when Hitler declared war on us, four days after Pearl Harbor in December 1941.”— Patrick Buchanan

Biden vows no World War III

Russia Reportedly Bombs Disabled Care HomeWar Crime.

March 9 “Dissident #1,” George Galloway and Scott Ritter (former UN Arms Inspector)

Noam Chomsky, 2015, Ukraine Neutrality is the Way Forward

Ukraine Neutrality the Way Forward– Noam Chomsky

— Trump showing himself “rudderless?”

Putin’s reported purge of ‘traitors’ scoops up pensioners, foodies and peaceniks

— Biden’s Draft Deferments During War Equal Cheney’s

— Interview With Tulsi Gabbard on war, Mitt Romney, accusations of treason, the intel community, and Ukraine

— Buchanan, March 25: Is Victory for Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War? How Did We Get Here?

— John Allen, Crux: Pope to consecrate Russia by name to Immaculate Heart of Mary (says Francis is “very traditional”)

— CounterpunchThe CIA in Ukraine

— Trump too is toying with nuclear WWIII

— Zelensky Bans Political Opposition, Nationalizes Media to Create ‘Unified’ Information by Kyle Anzalone

— Trent Horn and Michael LoftonThe Spiritual Battle for the Ukraine

— March 19: Looming Food Crisis From Ukraine WarA Report

— Mixed signals from Ukraine’s president and his aides leave West confused about his endgame. Concessions?

— National Catholic RegisterMarch 18: “Make no mistake: Russia is the party that bears primary responsibility for initiating this fratricidal conflict. It’s Russia who is acting like Cain…

— Patrick Buchanan, March 18US Vital Interests Dictate an End to This War

— March 18. Putin’s Turkish-Mediated Peace Plan?

— March 18 – Holds big rally

— March 17: Putin reportedly “an unabashed admirer of Stalin and has worked — successfully, in Russia — to rehabilitate his image. And is beginning to sound like him

— Ukraine Mounts Counteroffensive

— Ukrainian President Zelensky Addresses Congress and American Citizens.

— How Putin’s Oligarch’s Bought London

— Biden’s ‘war criminal’ accusation is ‘unforgivable,’ says Kremlin

— Russia, China Declare a New World Order

— Galloway digs in for Putin

— Putin’s Useful Idiots.

Reality, (Iraq), Idealism, and Ukraine. Crisis Magazine.

The Always Humane, Just, and CompassionateUK rejects opening borders to Ukraine war refugees’ but will fight for “liberty” to the last drop of Ukrainian blood

Glenn Greenwald and Lee Smith Discuss Ukraine and the Deep State

— 3.7.22 Putin’s Panicked Crackdown on War Resistance at home “shows he’s on his way out“.

— Vladimir Putin to the West: Intervention in Ukraine Risks War

Putin Has a Grimly Absolute Vision of the ‘Russian World’

By using Ukraine to fight Russia, the US provoked Putin’s war “The United States aids Ukraine and her people,” Adam Schiff declared in January 2020, “so that we can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here.”

Russian Banks to Switch to Chinese Card System after Visa, Mastercard Suspend Operations in Russia

—3.6. Galloway insists Russia is being framed by U.S. propaganda; wider European war threatens. End of dollar hegemony seen as Russia, China and Iran forced to create new Economic world system.

Sen. Lindsey Graham calls on Russians to assassinate Putin

— 3/5/22 Vladimir Putin Will Not Survive A Failed War in the Ukraine

— 3/3/23 John Mearsheimer & Ray McGovern On Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

— Ron Paul: 3/4/22 Are Sanctions an Act of War? Putin says akin to that.

China will not join economic sanctions against Russia

Grave dangers

Saagar and Krystal on Calls for WWIII

Andrew Cockburn and Historian Timothy Snyder on Russia, Ukraine, and NATO expansion. And how sanctions risk backfiring. [Note: Snyder seems to all but ignore Putin’s own instincts about Nato’s creeping proximity to Russia’s borders. Putin has undoubtedly also watched Washington’s military MO all over the globe in nation after nation since WWII.. So trust is simply not there for Putin. He expects a doublecross.]

Ron Paul on NATO, Russia and the Invasion of Ukraine

Peter Hitchens, 2021: Don’t blame Russia… We are the ones pushing for a war 

— U.S. Proxy War Against Russia in Ukraine: The Afghanistan-Syria Redux Option

Too, Glenn Greenwald at Rumble

2012, 2017

— 2017: Brzezinski: On Europe & Russia

— 2012: Brzezinski: U.S. Should Work With Russia, Turkey to Solve Global Problems

— 2011: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Ukraine’s Future

— Many predicted Nato expansion would lead to war. Those warnings were ignored | Ted Galen Carpenter 

Gorbachev warned about NATO expansion in the 90’s

— CNA, 2008: The Case Against Barack Obama. (Deal Hudson).

— Putin the New Czar. BBC documentary.

— Will this conflict be the end of Putin?

--- Cardinal Ottaviani, head of the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII and John XXIII, wrote in 1947: No Conceivable…Justification” for aerial warfare, and dreadful weapons 

— John Allen, Crux News: Russia’s War on Ukraine

— 3/2/22. Russia intensifies attacks; Ukrainian refugees could surpass 1 million within days: Live updates

— 2,000 Ukrainian civilians dead?

— Where are Russia’s Drones?

— John Mearsheimer: Lying is the useful tool of Statecraft

Putin says violence ‘will get worse’ and plans to take over all of Ukraine

Russia’s Looming Economic Collapse.

— George Galloway makes the case for Russia

Putin is more rational than NATO realizes (Spectator UK)

— India and China abstain on UN vote to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

College Backtracks on Banning Teaching Dostoevsky Because He’s Russian

— Russian Oligarch’s Super-Yachts Seized as Banks Shred Documents

— Russia Seizes Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant; NATO Rejects Ukrainian Call for No-Fly Zone

— 3/3/22 Putin claims his war is “on schedule” and that “Russia and Ukraine are one

—Ron Paul: Is Ukraine actually a U.S. / Russia Proxy War?

— Refugees from war top a million

— Joseph Cirincione “Nuclear Nightmares”

Updated Feb. 29, March 2.

Archbishop Viganò. Credible? Or Not.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Vatican critic, blames ‘deep state’ for Ukraine war. Warns of “transhuman and medical-technical globalist monster”

March 7, 2022

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — As Pope Francis continued attempts to mediate the conflict in Ukraine, former Vatican envoy and outspoken papal critic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released a letter Monday (March 7) blaming “deep state” forces in the United States, the European Union and NATO for triggering the current war and demonizing Russia.

“The United States of America and the European States must not marginalize Russia but build an alliance with it, not only to restart trade for the prosperity of all, but in lieu of the reconstruction of a Christian Civilization, which will be the only one able to save the world from the transhuman and medical-technical globalist monster,” the archbishop wrote in his nearly 10,000 word letter.


—- Too, Glenn Greenwald at Rumble

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