Cardinal Pell says he ‘never really approved’ of Benedict XVI’s decision to resign

…Pell described John Paul II as “one of the greatest popes in history, of course,” and praised Benedict’s “prodigious intellect,” adding that “I knew him [Benedict] better than all of the other two popes”

…Despite working closely with Francis for five years, Pell has often been perceived as at odds with key initiatives of this papacy, including the pope’s more welcoming approach to divorced and remarried couples and LGBTQ Catholics, and his prioritization of fighting climate change.

During the interview, Pell said that Francis has the “great gift of empathy and sympathy.”

When asked to respond on why some conservative Catholics are hostile to Francis, the cardinal said he believes some “wonder just what is being taught” at the moment, although he did not elaborate on specific issues.

“Pope Francis has a great gift, like Jesus did, of reaching out to those on the peripheries and sinners,” Pell said, “and that can and has confused people.”

“But we are where we are,” the cardinal added. “The papacy is something, I believe, is willed by Christ and we have to respect the office, reverence the man and obey the papal directions.”

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— Cardinal Burke provides update on his recovery from COVID-19

“For my part, I am trying to grow in patience,” said Burke. “My principal challenges, at the present, are regaining certain fundamental physical skills needed for my daily living, and overcoming a general fatigue and difficulty in breathing, which are typical for those who have suffered the contagion of the Covid-19 virus.” 

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