‘Twas Thought A Fair Price to Pay for Galloping Inflation

Henry I’s date of birth is generally accepted as 1068 AD. The location of his birth is most likely Selby, located in Yorkshire. — Ancient Origins

History. According to English historian David Starkey, Henry I (1065-1135) upon finally becoming king of England promptly investigated complaints of “galloping inflation,” since the entire prosperity and stability of the kingdom depended on a solid, stable currency. By now the realm’s coinage had become so debased with tin that “a man with a Pound could not buy a Penny’s worth of goods”.

Henry discovered that only 150 men (a powerful cabal) in all of England were responsible for the entire currency and he had them all arrested.

94 of them were found guilty and they were each sentenced to have their right hands cut off —– and then to be castrated.

There were no complaints of cruelty heard in all of England from either the “common” man or the “nobility” on account of these sentences says Starkey. — Monarchy