The Faustian Face of Modern Science

Understanding the Epistemological Foundations of Scientific Totalitarianism. by Phillip D. Collins. Scientific totalitarianism is certainly not a new topic in the halls of political science and history. Given its bloody legacy of democide (i.e., state-sanctioned genocide, mass murder, and politicide) and its prolific spread throughout the world, scientific totalitarianism remains a preoccupying sociopolitical phenomenon of… Read More The Faustian Face of Modern Science

At the Dawn of Humanity: The First Humans

By Gerard Verschuuren. Publisher: Angelico Press. Review. Author: Anne Barbeau Gardiner.The New Oxford Review. In At the Dawn of Humanity, Gerard Verschuuren, a geneticist and philosopher of science, takes up the challenge of the neo-Darwinists who have made a “doctrine” of gradualism, Charles Darwin’s belief that between animals and humans there is only a difference “of degree and… Read More At the Dawn of Humanity: The First Humans

From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish

When Scripture’s creation-based, antropocentric revelation is rejected, and an evolutionary animal continuum (from amoeba to man) is presupposed as the only reality, then human beings begin taking their cues for behavior from the animal world. This rationalization has reached tragically absurd levels today as witness postmodernist writer Steven Shaviro’s longing for the sexual autonomy of… Read More From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish

Civilization and Control. Jonathan Pageau

An important discussion on our perilous technological time. Orthodox Christian Jonathan Pageau, Ph.D, writes, “This is my second conversation with Paul Kingsnorth. We talk about his brilliant substack, called The Abbey of Misrule, civilization and control, the power of the state and our technological systems, the matrix, politics, what it takes for communities to survive,… Read More Civilization and Control. Jonathan Pageau

A Pipe Dream

Originally published as (curiously enough) In Defense of Cigarettes. by Matt Labash, National Correspondent  | The Weekly Standard, August 08, 2017 Dear Matt, I had this thought that America was more civil when everyone smoked. You learned from an early age that people will do something you don’t like but there wasn’t much you could… Read More A Pipe Dream

Dr. David Berlinski on ‘The Deniable Darwin’

David Berlinski holds a PhD from Princeton University and has taught philosophy and mathematics at universities in France and the United States. A Senior Fellow of Discovery Insitute, he is the author of such books as The Deniable Darwin, A Tour of the Calculus, The Advent of the Algorithm, Newton’s Gift, and The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions. He… Read More Dr. David Berlinski on ‘The Deniable Darwin’

Harmony and Differences on Predestination in Catholic Theology

Reginald Garrigou Lagrange and St. Alphonsus Ligouri 1. Catholic Thomist Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange’s Summary of Predestination: “Herein lies the great mystery of grace: it’s two aspects which are to be harmonized, may be expressed in the following manner: this mystery contains a striking light and shade: The light is expressed in two principles; the shade is… Read More Harmony and Differences on Predestination in Catholic Theology