Being and Bunk.

Apropos of everything: Because Heidegger forsook his early roots in Thomistic [objective] Christian philosophy, the unapologetic Nazi who enjoyed philosophy was forced to create a new and eccentric philosophical superstructure [undecipherable and irrelevant to most human beings] to dodge the consequent existential void. It was necessary because his system toppled the Holy Trinity and so… Read More Being and Bunk.

From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish

When Scripture’s creation-based, antropocentric revelation is rejected, and an evolutionary animal continuum (from amoeba to man) is presupposed as the only reality, then human beings begin taking their cues for behavior from the animal world. This rationalization has reached tragically absurd levels today as witness postmodernist writer Steven Shaviro’s longing for the sexual autonomy of… Read More From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish

Civilization and Control. Jonathan Pageau

An important discussion on our perilous technological time. Orthodox Christian Jonathan Pageau, Ph.D, writes, “This is my second conversation with Paul Kingsnorth. We talk about his brilliant substack, called The Abbey of Misrule, civilization and control, the power of the state and our technological systems, the matrix, politics, what it takes for communities to survive,… Read More Civilization and Control. Jonathan Pageau

Science, So-Called

 “Science,” from the time of Francis Bacon especially, is one of the most philosophically loaded word-concepts in any language.  It is thus perilous to follow the fads of speculative, as opposed to hard, science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) which is ever in flux, because if Adam goes, per evolutionary philosophy, so does the Cross with it… Read More Science, So-Called

“New Spirituality” & the Ghost of Catholicism

By John A. Perricone | New Oxford Review, January-February 2021 The Deleterious Effects of a Subtle Inversion One of Hollywood’s more sybaritic starlets solemnly announced the other day that she was embarking on a 30-day “spiritual cleanse” in India. Since neither ecumenism nor eco-enthusiasm is my métier, I was bewildered. Could it be some novel… Read More “New Spirituality” & the Ghost of Catholicism

“Straying, as through infinite nothingness”: The Collapse of Nietzsche

“God is dead but given the way of men there may be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown. And we will have to vanquish his shadow, too.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, # 109 At the very dawn of the 20th century, on 25 August in the year… Read More “Straying, as through infinite nothingness”: The Collapse of Nietzsche

Thomist Josef Pieper on the Pseudo-Order and World Dominion of the AntiChrist.

In 1954 the famous Thomist, Josef Pieper wrote: “Once, and as soon as, world dominion in the full sense has become possible, the Antichrist has become possible. To this corresponds the other coordinate fact that the Christian gospel must have reached the totality of the peoples of the earth, who have been rendered accessible to… Read More Thomist Josef Pieper on the Pseudo-Order and World Dominion of the AntiChrist.