He Is Here. And He is Not Silent.

St. Joseph the Worker Shrine, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Jesus calms the storm.

This Week’s Message
from Fr. Amesse
April 23, 2023

In a month, we will celebrate the “40 Hours Devotion.”  The Holy Eucharist will be exposed on the altar for approximately 40 hours. St. John Neumann made the 40 Hours Devotion popular as Bishop of Philadelphia (1852-1860).  St. Eugene de Mazenod was Bishop in France during that time. They met on at least one occasion in Rome. 

St. Joseph the Worker Shrine, Lowell

“I’d like to focus on the ideas of St. Eugene regarding the Holy Sacrament. In 1839 he wrote in his diary, “I wish I could teach people how to honor Jesus Christ in his sacrament of love. I would like to make myself even smaller still and forget myself completely in His divine presence to stress the glory due to Him and to have Him honored as He should be.” 

“This is my heart’s constant desire and I never miss any occasion to instill these principles whether by my words or by my actions.  I would like people, when they pass by the Blessed Sacrament, to prostrate themselves on 2 knees, when passing in front of the Savior. This action sometimes moves me to tears. It seems to me that I adore Him through everyone who adores Christ.” 

St. Anne’s convent, IHM – TLM, Still River, Ma. Where I worship regularly.

“I am happy to see Him receive this respect. I accompany with an intimate movement of my soul, this internal act which exalts the greatness and power of my God. Yes, He is worthy of it. Would that he be known and loved by all those whom he has redeemed. He is God, like His Father.  He has sacrificed Himself for us. He is our Savior.”

“The 40 Hours Devotion will begin after the 12 noon Mass on Saturday, May 27th. Our Lord will be on the altar until 5PM on Monday, May 29th (except during the regular celebration of our daily Masses).

 I remember you at Mass.” Fr. Amesse.