VPO Clarifications Sought in Allegations of Theology and Language Unbecoming of a Pope

“… it would be legitimate to wonder whether the testimony of these seminarians is really true. The editor of the website Germinans Germinabit also wondered in another article, dated January 1. Are we facing yet another case of alleged accounts of personal conversations with the Pope, such as those made several times by the Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari? Or of summary reports of brief telephone conversations with the Pontiff, as has often happened?

Verbalisations about which it is more than legitimate to wonder whether they are credible or not, especially in the absence of third parties. In this case, however, the reality appears different: “What we have is an oral account that has been collected in writing in numerous testimonies. Just the day after the hearing, a friend read to me on his mobile phone the account sent by an instructor. It is a fairly extensive account in which the crude language used by the Pope has been collected in its entirety. It is a fact that, as many more stories written by as many informants have circulated, the coincidence with respect to the most shocking words spoken by the Pope is almost millimetric”.

It is important the Vatican Press Office intervenes to clarify and perhaps also to provide the actual text of the Pope’s words on December 10…” Read it all…

We were warned


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