Moving in on Francis?

Are Catholic prelates really moving in on Francis with a view to ousting him as a report indicates?

…or is it all so much Progressivist paranoia and guilt, knowing how much they have deformed the Faith since putting Francis on the Chair of Peter?

Vatican plot to force Pope Francis to resign: Conservatives wage ‘secret plan’ to put the liberal pontiff under so much stress he will step down, Italian cardinal reveals’ — Daily Mail, 1/9/22

I’d be surprised if this happens while Francis lives. I think it more likely the Church will wait until after Francis’ death to examine fully his deeds, neglects, and motives. Many millions of us, it is true, hope we will after his death see a “reform of the reform” resumed,” including a full, definitive assessment of Francis’ controversial papacy and its impact on the clarity of Catholic dogma and Church teachings.


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