From Rembrandt to Picasso

When in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Avant-garde were given powerful platforms to announce that traditional art forms were passé, and art galleries exchanged space for the mystic likes of Picasso, Surrealism, and in some degree Andy Warhol, etc., they arguably prepared the way for the denial of natural gender distinctions and the binary structures of nature itself.

Traditional art, even at it’s most creative, always maintained a recognizable relationship to the object re-presented.

But Reality can be so boring. Many traditional style artists after Picasso (and comrades) were cancelled. Art and architecture in consequence were often cheapened beyond belief.

Hallucinations are increasingly preferred to reality today by many in power, and even in medical schools, because people are easier to experiment with when they are not certain of their footing and of what the unbending truth is. 


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“You can see God by sniffing the gas in a cotton.” — Allen Ginsberg

The Beats: Cultural Catastrophe by Roger Kimball

Hollywood. A witches wand and broom was traditionally made from the wood of a holly tree. In witchcraft it was said to assist in the transformation of reality into something else.

The Beatles: Where We Were and Are


James Lindsay on Today’s Online Maoist “Struggle Sessions

“One of the most famous and most evil techniques of Maoist Marxism is the “struggle session” (dòuzhēng, 鬥爭; or pīpàn dòuzhēng, 批判鬥爭, “critical struggle”; or sometimes just pīdòu, 批鬥; also called “denunciation” sessions). They were made famous during Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), but they were utilized in the Chinese thought-reform (xǐnǎo, 洗脑, lit. “wash brain” or brainwashing) prisons starting in the early 1950s under the CCP. The nature of struggle sessions must be understood clearly in 2022 because Western nations are going through a “Woke” Maoist insurgency now, and the struggle session is all the way back… More.