Being and Bunk.

Apropos of everything: Because Heidegger forsook his early roots in Thomistic [objective] Christian philosophy, the unapologetic Nazi who enjoyed philosophy was forced to create a new and eccentric philosophical superstructure [undecipherable and irrelevant to most human beings] to dodge the consequent existential void. It was necessary because his system toppled the Holy Trinity and so… Read More Being and Bunk.

You Will Bring Liberation, Soldier!

You are creating a new world, soldier!Isn’t that what you signed up to do,to kill and die for, soldier? You will…ridicule enemy cultureswreck economiesmock traditionsterrorize their“moral absolutes” You willcut off their ballsthrow their titsinto cold tin basinsturn boys into girlsgirls into boysmothers into MILFSfathers into jokeschurches into effeminate echoschildren into pin-ups! You will teach themthat… Read More You Will Bring Liberation, Soldier!

Our Saving Wounds

We who are alive today have lived in extraordinary times. Never in history were so many ordinary people lured off the narrow way by so many lying signs, wonders and temptations. Few of us came through it unwounded. There is little romanticism in not being a hero. Many men and women courageously crawl through their… Read More Our Saving Wounds

From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish

When Scripture’s creation-based, antropocentric revelation is rejected, and an evolutionary animal continuum (from amoeba to man) is presupposed as the only reality, then human beings begin taking their cues for behavior from the animal world. This rationalization has reached tragically absurd levels today as witness postmodernist writer Steven Shaviro’s longing for the sexual autonomy of… Read More From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish

Catholicism, Tradition and Protestantism

“One body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one Father of us all” — Eph. 4: 4-6 Every ecclesial community brings its tradition(s) to bear in the exegesis and understanding of Scripture. Even independent Protestant Fundamentalist pastors and larger Protestant denominations employ their traditions [i.e., their received community understanding of texts] as a… Read More Catholicism, Tradition and Protestantism

Why It’s Time to Treat the Hammer and Sickle Like the Swastika

“Conveniently, communists can always detach themselves from the horrors of the past.” By Richard Mason If someone were to ask you to think of either extreme of the political spectrum, odds are you would immediately picture a swastika at one end, and a hammer and sickle at the other. Regardless of your views of the… Read More Why It’s Time to Treat the Hammer and Sickle Like the Swastika

Deplorable Restrictions on Religious Practice in Ireland

In recent months, we have witnessed a string of very disappointing and frankly disgraceful incidents concerning the implementation of draconian Covid-19 restrictions. This time, the targets of the Government’s enforcement program, as well as the harassment of a certain councillor in Limerick and her political tag-alongs, were the parishioners of several Catholic churches throughout the… Read More Deplorable Restrictions on Religious Practice in Ireland

Peter Kreeft’s How to Destroy Western Civilization and Other Ideas

Amazon: Best-selling author Peter Kreeft presents a series of brilliant essays about many of the issues that increasingly divide our Western civilization and culture. He states that “these essays are not new proposals or solutions to today’s problems. They are old. They have been tried, and have worked. They have made people happy and good.… Read More Peter Kreeft’s How to Destroy Western Civilization and Other Ideas