Beasts Howl As Vows to Ban Porn Increase

How will the knaves manipulate the masses without this “speech”?

The Daily Beast: J.D. Vance Is Coming for Your Porn–Watch Out

Meantime, Swiss Cows Browser and Search Engine

No Tracking. Anonymous. Family Friendly (No Pornography. Ever). (Get the App at Google Play and other App stores online).

“We place great importance on family-friendly Internet content!

“Family is the most important cell of our society! If morality and decency disappear, then neighborliness and love also disappear. The digital media are indispensable and yet pose a threat and challenge to the not yet formed perceptions of children and adolescents. Even parents and schools are not prepared for it.

Our children grow up in a digital environment that has many benefits, but also many dangers. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to engage with this topic intensively. The digital transformation has not only arrived swiftly, but is also driving forward at a rapid pace (Download our free brochure “Digital Media Education”).

Due to massive digitization, children have become the biggest Internet consumers.

  1. We promote moral values.
  2. We hate violence and pornography.
  3. We promote digital media education…” (Get the App at Google Play or at other App stores online).

Swiss Cows browser App via App stores

Update December 2022. J.D. Vance vows to ban porn nationwide

— Jordan Peterson: Be Happy Because Human History is Simple.

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