Eco-extremists are leading the world towards despair, poverty, and starvation

The Telegraph, UK. Utopian solutions for saving the planet are doomed to failure – and worse. We must wake up before it is too late.

Jordan Peterson 28 October 2022 •l

This winter, millions of British citizens, including children, will be tipped, or dumped, into energy poverty severe enough to risk permanent damage to their health. Cold, damp houses provide the perfect breeding ground for mould that not only causes respiratory distress, but renders houses essentially unlivable once established.

One Left-leaning newspaper ran the story outlining the danger, but without a word about why this crisis has emerged: because the woke moralisers of the “environmental” movement helped to create it.

The narcissists of compassion – callow, self-aggrandising, incompetent politicians, their celebrity lackeys, Machiavellian journalists – have insisted ever more loudly over the last five decades that no cost was, and is, too great for others to bear in the pursuit of blind service to “the planet.” 

It is irresistibly tempting at the moment for those on that bandwagon to single out Vladimir Putin for Europe’s energy woes, but his current machinations were utterly enabled by the green ideologues. Anyone with eyes could see a decade ago that the idiot insistence that Europe make itself reliant on Russia for its energy security made the current situation inevitable.

Remember when President Donald Trump – populist menace numero uno – was mocked and derided by the intellectual and political elite in Europe and North America for trumpeting precisely that warning? Well, now the chickens have truly come home to roost, but very little has yet been learned in consequence. 

Virtue-signalling utopians committed to globalisation claim we are destroying the planet with cheap energy. But are they truly and deeply committed to the environmental sustainability so loudly and insistently demanded, or are they merely hell-bent, in the prototypically Marxist manner, in taking revenge on capitalism? 

It appears to be the latter. Why otherwise would the mavens of the environmental movement oppose nuclear power, despite its optimal “carbon footprint”?

Utility bills have soared in the UK, the home of the Industrial Revolution that lifted the world out of poverty. Now up to half of small businesses in Britain face the risk of bankruptcy and closure. The Government has had to announce a ruinously expensive Energy Price Guarantee to mitigate the worst effects of this disaster… Continue

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