New Website Explores the Life and Work of Pope Emeritus

“Where the Church goes other ways, it goes astray“.

NCRegister: “We have seen claims that Benedict’s and Pope St. John Paul II’s teachings have been ignored or even overturned during this pontificate. Is this website meant partly as a means to ensure his teaching remains alive and accessible in the face of this?”

At a time when all foundations seem to be tottering, there is a need for lighthouses that point towards the eternal. The theology of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI is a lighthouse that provides orientation, clarity and reliable guidance amid the lashing waves of conflicting opinions and in the storm of secularism.

In Germany, we are currently experiencing where it leads when questions of faith and the Christian image of man are put to a majority vote. Parliamentarism has nothing in common with synodality, as Pope Francis demands. Especially in times of crisis, it is important to reflect on the sources that can truly purify, heal and renew. Benedict XVI’s theology and preaching are of central importance here. His theology means continuity, not rupture. Starting from the Gospel, through his preoccupation with the theology of the Fathers to his engagement with the great thinkers of modernity, whom, for all their modesty, he met intellectually on an equal footing as hardly anyone else of his time. For Ratzinger it was always clear: there can be no renewal of the Church without conversion and reorientation towards Jesus Christ. He is the way and the standard of all renewal.

Where the Church goes other ways, it goes astray — always and no matter what the circumstances. That Ratzinger was always an astute analyst of his time is shown by all those texts in which decades ago he had already precisely described those developments and dramatic upheavals that challenge us today. Benedict’s theology is indeed like a beacon in a stormy sea.

Does Benedict know of the site and has he endorsed it?

Not only does the Papa emerito know about it, Benedict XVI has expressly approved the creation of this internet portal that bears his name… Read more

How the ’60s Changed Ratzinger. John Allen.

The Catholic Church is Falling Apart at the Seams

Damian Thompson,
The Spectator, UK
27 September 2022

“This headline may seem sensational, but the evidence is overwhelming. The Catholic Church is experiencing a bewildering range of crises, some of them long-term and familiar, such as demographic collapse and the continuing scandal of sex abuse.

“Others are being manufactured by a Pope who is allowing a faction of Catholic boomers to push an incoherent ‘New Age’ agenda. Whether Francis truly supports their ideas is anyone’s guess – but he’s increasingly willing to spout their inanities. On Saturday the Pope’s official Twitter account told the faithful….. Continue

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