Sachs: U.S. “Driving World to Precipice”

U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China”. Biden. Pelosi visit to Taiwan…

“…U S. is driving us all to the hegemonic precipice with enthusiasm”. Jeffrey Sachs, whose new article is headlined “The West’s False Narrative About Russia and China.” Sachs says the bipartisan U.S. approach to foreign policy is “unaccountably dangerous and wrongheaded,” and warns the U.S. is creating “a recipe for yet another war” in East Asia.

— Who is Jeffrey Sachs?

Do we have journalism today or is it all activism?

🌈 2012. Michael Parenti (1:02f) Suggests Gay “Marriage” Became a major Issue in 2004, Introduced by the Deep State Powers to Distract From the Iraqi War. “What’s Next,” He Asks, “The Right to Man-Boy Love?”