The Total Surveillance Society

…. merger of state and corporate power.

“You arrived at work around 9 a.m. and used your employee ID to unlock your office. After your morning meeting, you and a coworker exchanged some notes – and a few jokes about your coworkers – via instant messenger.

“On your lunch break, you may have used your laptop to research what might be causing that weird rash on your arm, and then emailed your doctor for advice. After lunch, it’s possible that you spent time doing online research for a new project, occasionally breaking to see how many “likes” your latest Facebook post had garnered.

“At the end of the day – determined to win the office wellness challenge – you strapped on your company-issued fitness tracker to log your steps during your commute. Once home, you texted a friend a couple of funny shots from last weekend’s college reunion and turned in for the night…

“From keystrokes to website visits and GPS tracking to video surveillance, employers everywhere are monitoring their employees in the name of productivity.