Why Colleges Are Becoming Cults

Dr. Lyell Asher.
June 10, 2022.

“[It is] critical that we ask: In whose interest is it to persuade students that a university is a “home” where they’re not to think? In whose interest is it to persuade them that they’re fragile, that they’re threatened, that words are violence, that an imagined slight is as bad as a real one, and that they’re surrounded by people and ideas from whom they need so much protection? In short: Cui bono?”

Too, In Fellini’s film “Orchestra Rehearsal” the Conductor found himself in the midst of a revolt.

The musicians had long murmured against the Conductor on account of his rigorous methods, demands and practice sessions. The exchanges between them and he were bitter. Time did not heal this rift but only exacerbated it… Continue: Fellini’s Orchestra Rehearsal

Renato Cristin: Europe must absolutely condemn communism and its related criminal ideology.

See also The New Oxford Review Communist Ideology Comes Roaring Back. “Where Communism moves unchallenged, those who worship at the altar of the living God do so under the shadow of persecution and death…the lie is a business tool for the Communist, and it is fundamental to his theory as well”.

Renato Cristin is a professor of hermeneutic philosophy at the University of Trieste, Italy. 

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