Benedict XVI: The Church Links Pedophilia to the Error of Proportion-alism in Ethics.

BXVI: “We have to reflect on what was insufficient in our education, in our teaching in recent decades. There was, in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, the idea of proportionalism in ethics: It held that nothing is bad in itself, but only in proportion to others. With proportionalism, it was possible to think for some subjects — one could also be pedophilia — that in some proportion they could be a good thing. Now, it must be stated clearly, this was never Catholic doctrine. [Emphasis added]

“There are things which are always bad, and pedophilia is always bad. In our education, in the seminaries, in our permanent formation of the priests, we have to help priests to really be close to Christ, to learn from Christ, and so to be helpers, and not adversaries of our fellow human beings, of our Christians.” [Source…]

John Paul II also unambiguously denounced Proportionalism and explained why in his Encyclical Veritas Splendor [Here…]

But is this suddenly swirling in the new flux too? See The Appointment of Cardinals  is Personal for Francis, Were  John Paul II and Benedict XVI Any Different?  [See National Catholic Register]

Catholics seek clarifications.

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