BLM, Bill Gates and Other “Non-profit” Foundations

James Li breaks down the dark side of the non-profit industrial complex which is rife with corruption, power, and a lack of transparency (Click image). Too, Utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer is awarded the Berggruen Prize. More on him below.

Giving away his money? Social Justice?

Culture of Death by First Thing’s Wesley J. Smith “reveals how more and more doctors have withdrawn from the Hippocratic Oath and how “bioethicists” influence policy by posing questions such as whether organs may be harvested from the terminally ill and disabled. This is a passionate yet coolly reasoned book about the current crisis in medical ethics by an author who has made “the new thanatology” his consuming interest.”

Who is Peter Singer?

Wokeness is corporate driven. The corporations use race as their pretended moral high ground and battering ram. Once the corporations get their New World they’ll turn on all races just as China and the Soviets turned against their own useful “activists”.

America’s new corporate colors leaves untouched America’s old corporate exploitation and bloody practices around the world. Fools on the political Left fail to see through such colors. But Mr. Obama, among many others, knows it very well.

Sept. 2022. BLM Exec accused of siphoning off 10M from BLM donors.

More inhuman corporate practice. Princeton “Ethicist” Peter Singer.