Progressivist Prolifers on Trial

Matt Taibbi writes at his TK News site,

News2Share and Ford Fischer recap the history of “Progressive Anti Abortion Uprising,” or “PAUU,” a group mentioned in this space during anti-abortion demonstrations last December.

The group’s director of activism, Lauren Handy, was arrested along with eight other group members in connection with an incident in 2020 when they allegedly blocked access to an abortion clinic.

In the course of being investigated, police discovered five fetuses at Handy’s home. Last week, PAAU held a press conference to tell their side of the story. The video is extremely graphic.TKNews, Substack.

Extremely graphic

Handy’s group of Pro-life activists claim to have received 115 fetuses. The five found in Handy’s home were late term. Was she wrong to ask the “Waste” remover for the fetuses? It is not clear at present if any law was actually broken, though other related matters are under investigation too by D.C. police.

Handy and the other members of Progressive Anti Abortion Uprising have certainly drawn more needed attention to what is actually happening in abortion clinics all over this country and beyond.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in December 2021, “a potentially major challenge to Roe v. Wade.” A decision is expected at the end of June

It would only be right for SCOTUS to turn this most serious matter back to the States on the grounds that Roe was bad law and bad science, and to truly let the citizenry decide. But even in that case the advocacy battle will hardly be over and may actually become ferocious. Morally serious persons in any event have recourse to the virtue of a tense Hope.

“Terrisa Bukovinac, PAAU’s founder and executive director, demanded at the press conference that the US Department of Justice prosecute Cesare Santagelo, a doctor at the clinic. The activists also claimed Tuesday that some portion of the Baltimore region’s household electricity is generated by burning fetal remains.” — 4/5/22

Below: Age of Nihilism. Age of Hope. Diane, my wife of 48 yrs (top-L), praying at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Massachusetts next to it’s biological “Medical Waste” hauling trucks. SH