Synthetic ‘Reality’ Made Flesh

Major cultural transformation.

James Lindsay writes,

“We are in the process of transitioning from an analog, objective, real, physical world into a digital, subjective, surreal world. 

In that transition into a digital subjective world, we are experiencing a transformation of what is accepted as reality, when it isn’t reality: it is synthetic.

In this discussion enters Jean Beaudriallard and his understanding of hyperreality the creation of synthetic reality, which is not reality at all: it is the creation of something that is more real than real. 

It is beyond propaganda, but propaganda is certainly utilized.

It is the creation of simulacra and simulation. 

And in this world of simulacra, we are being told to ignore objective reality and embrace hyperreality: an unreality that has no connection with that which it claims to represent. 

Friend or Foe of the Human Race? Elon Musk’s Proposed Brainchip Could Give Orgasm on Demand

Our way of life, our media, our news and our body politic are now guided by the ever-changing synthetic world of the hyperreal. 

Hyperreal is defined by Dr. James Lindsay as “more real than real” or not bearing any true qualities to the original.

As we examine the world around us, we begin to suspiciously consider that the world in which we live in is undergoing a major cultural transformation—one leading to a widespread lack of stability, an increase in moral relativism, and a rejection of objective truth…”

A summary discussion. James Lindsay and Michael O’Fallon

For our children and grandchildren

SH: When the whole world is racing to become virtually indistinguishable from Cronenberg’s 1983 Videodrome‘, a transition to the transvaluation of all things has begun.

And this is what the Fathers called the Antichristic.

From Videodrome, 1983

— When Nothing is Real

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