Finishing Off a Pope too Traditional?

“…[T]here is no shortage of those who today are railing against him

“They are free to do so, but I can affirm that I have never found in him any shadow or attempt to hide or minimize anything. Nor can his sensitivity in dealing with things with a profound moral sense be mistaken for uncertainty or anything else.

“I also know well his immense distress in the face of serious ecclesial questions, and I clearly remember an expression he used to utter with a deep sigh: “How inscrutable is the abyss into which we fall because of human misery!” This distressed him intimately and he sometimes remained silent for a long time. All the more so if these human miseries touched men of the Church.”

—  Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Secretariat of State under Benedict XVI, that is, one of his closest collaborators.

….read it all

German Catholic bishop: Benedict XVI did not want to cover up clerical abuse

— Vatican’s editorial director reminds all of Benedict’s aggressive response to clergy Sex Abuse and warns, “Don’t look for scapegoats

— See Canceling Pope Benedict (ISV Magazine)

See also First Things, Burying Benedict by Matthew Schmitz

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