Jordan Peterson’s Warning

“I’m weary of living the under the increasingly authoritarian dictates of a policy hyperconcerned with one risk and oblivious to all others; and things are shaking around us. Enough!”

— Jordan Peterson: Be Happy Because Human History is Simple.

Jordan and Tammy Peterson. Marriage and Conflict Resolutionand let’s not pretend lasting relationships are angelically conflict free.

— This week. SCOTUS blocks Biden Mandate

Meanwhile, the New York Times is openly asking, “Is Civil War Coming to America?” (January 18, 2022)

CNN predicts possible real and violent Civil War  

Anthony Esolen: Our Church and Our Elites.

“Let those who have heard of Christ only as a curse, and who, not coincidentally, can no longer conceive of the beauty of those human things, glance our way and see merriment, marriage, good manners, lively conversation about great and good artists, composers, and poets, and children everywhere.

“Let the elites learn from us, the foolish and the deplorable, and almost the only people left in the world who can tell what it was like to be that lost soul in Carthage, long ago.”


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