The Abuse Crisis 20 Years Later

The World Over | Bill Donohue of The Catholic League with Raymond Arroyo.

Ignatius Press: “This work unpacks the history and root causes of the clergy sex abuse scandals in the United States. Building on decades of data and research, author Bill Donohue, who holds a doctorate in sociology, tells the story from a fresh angle and calls us to rethink our assumptions about the Church’s handling of these horrific abuses.

The Truth about Clergy Sexual Abuse challenges many myths about the scandals, demonstrating that the abuse of minors is a problem that haunts virtually every institution—religious and secular—where adults interact with young people. The work also provides compelling evidence of the great progress that the Church has made in preventing abuse, contrary to public perceptions. Indeed, the media, Hollywood, and activist lawyers have poisoned the public mind with tales of old cases, giving the impression that nothing has changed.

Donohue investigates at length the central role that homosexuality played in the scandal. While homosexuality does not cause sexual abuse, the prevalence of emotional and sexual immaturity among homosexual clergy explains why they committed most of the molestation. Indeed, all of the educational institutions of the Catholic Church, including the seminaries, have been affected by the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s, and this book explores the pernicious effects of dissent from Catholic sexual morality. — more at

The new book, Ignatius Press

— John Allen, Crux News: the actual evidence exonerates Cardinal Ratzinger (BXVI) regarding cases of sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising between 1945 and 2019 and whether the officials of the Catholic Church handled them properly.

Don’t look for scapegoats… It cannot be forgotten that as pope, Benedict XVI “promulgated very harsh norms against clerical abusers, special laws to combat pedophilia,” Tornielli said.”

A Time of Reckoning.  The Sex Abuse Scandal Is Not Yet Behind Us. By Pieter Vree, New Oxford Review.

“…Fatigue isn’t confined to followers of mainstream media; it can even set in among consumers of Catholic news. The Catholic media has been known to exhaust topics as well. Think of some of the much-discussed recent stories: the Pachamama scandal, the eucharistic “incoherence” of pro-abortion Catholic politicians, the endless parade of synods, or anything to do with Fr. James Martin…”

Read it all…

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