Tucker Carlson Takes On The College Scam

College is nothing like it once was.

“Colleges have been scamming people for a long time and have burdened generations with trillions of dollars in debt. Isaac Morehouse is an expert in this field, and has made it his mission to help people escape the shackles of the Ivy League.”

View the Discussion @ Tucker Carlson Today, Fox Nation.Com

Is College Worth It?

An important index to measure wealth is by how much money you do not owe to lenders and services.


— Peter Kreeft on How to Destroy Western Civilization

—Robert Bork: Remaking Human Beings

— Joseph Pearce: Is the West worth saving?

— Dinesh D’Souza: History is Complex

— The Image of God Beyond The Myths

— Carlson’s biting analysis of NPR (National Public Radio) today

Note: I am and have always been a political Independent. I try to take what I consider to be the wheat and leave the chaff from all political parties and interests. SH

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