Twitter revives the ducking stool for unwoke witches

Excerpt “… I know there are billions of good Muslims. In an art class after forgetting my lunch an Iranian woman offered me hers. The mostly wealthy English ladies present wouldn’t offer a crisp. I’ve had good experiences with Asians here and abroad, that doesn’t affect my question; great people; why not live among them? His attitude also ignores the fact that the Gulf States are among the very few countries which didn’t sign the 1951 UN Convention on refugees, which recognised migrant rights and the legal obligations towards them of signatory powers.

The Arab monarchies persistently refuse to adopt any legal obligations towards refugees.  Other Muslim countries do not seem keen on their co-religionists in distress; a whole girls’ football team taking refuge in Pakistan from Afghanistan, were recently put on a plane to England.

If that annoys you, according to the rules of Woke, you are a ‘Phobe.’ I was also on the criminal list for suggesting that we cannot have continuous mass migration and a welfare state. The figures won’t work out. The NHS was designed for a homogenous forty million. The UEA once bluntly explained that they weren’t taking refugees from Syria as they didn’t want extremism, or lower living standards. I don’t think they were reported.

The next tackle was over the forbidden theme of, what about the white working class?  Someone called Naveed tweeted that British Asians are excluded from higher education including medical schools. I wrote that a friend at the National Hospital for Neurology, told me that most of the young doctors were British Asian men. She’d never encountered a white working- class male or female. It may be factual but to write it is racist.”

Read it all and visit The Salisbury Review
founded by the late Roger Scruton

— What the critics of the Crusades forget or ignore

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