Benedict XVI on “The True Threat For the Church”

“The new totalitarianism presents itself as the liberator of humanity.”

Is it any wonder Benedict was considered out of step and belonging to the ‘yesterday’ of the Church and history?

Benedict XVI: “The true threat for the Church, and thus for the Petrine service… comes … from the universal dictatorship of apparently humanistic ideologies. Anyone who contradicts this dictatorship is excluded from the basic consensus of society. One hundred years ago, anyone would have thought it absurd to speak of homosexual matrimony. Today those who oppose it are socially excommunicated. The same holds true for abortion and the production of human beings in the laboratory.

“The new totalitarianism presents itself as the liberator of humanity.

“Modern society intends to formulate an anti-Christian creed: Whoever contests it is punished with social excommunication. Being afraid of this spiritual power of the Antichrist is all too natural, and what is truly needed is that the prayers of entire dioceses and of the world Church come to the rescue to resist it.” — To Vatican journalist / Peter Seewald, Benedict XVI. Una vita (Garzanti), 2021

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