E.Michael Jones. Very Little Sympathy for TLM Catholics

He says misguided Traditionalists were manipulated “by Jews” for over 50 years, that Ratzinger / Benedict XVI was “imprudent,” for issuing Summorum Pontificum

E. Michael Jones on Vatican II

Cardinal Raymond Burke in a letter addressing Francis’ Motu Proprio, dated July 22, 2021, notes,

“Pope Benedict XVI responded to the affirmation, “The reauthorization of the Tridentine Mass is often interpreted primarily as a concession to the Society of Saint Pius X,” with these clear and strong words:

“This is just absolutely false! It was important for me that the Church is one with herself inwardly, with her own past; that what was previously holy to her is not somehow wrong now” (Last Testament, pp. 201-202).

In fact, many who presently desire to worship according to the UA [i.e., the ancient usage] has no experience and perhaps no knowledge of the history and present situation of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X. They are simply attracted to the holiness of the UA.” (Cardinal Raymond Burke, ibid.)

Jones is correct on this much: There can never be another parallel and juridical “Church” alongside the only true hierarchical Church which Our Lord bequeathed to mankind for salvation (which means we cannot avoid sufferings in, with, and for the one Faith, one Church. Eph. 4:4-6):

“…no man ought to sever himself from the unity of the Church before the time of the final separation of the just and unjust, merely because of the admixture of evil men in the Church“—-Saint Augustine, On Baptism, Against the Donatists, Bk. IV, The Complete Works of Saint Augustine. Ch.12.19, (1407), emphasis supplied

Is the Novus Ordo Mass valid? Does the Church have the authority to make such changes as we see in the Novus Ordo Mass?

Yes to each question, per the Council of Trent Session XXI Ch.2. 16 July 1562. (Chapter 2).

Does this mean that the changes made in the Novus Ordo were always wise?

Clearly not. Moreover, Progressivist forces have invaded the sanctuary. The Council of Trent only guarantees the validity of the Sacrament, the substance being explicitly preserved (see Session XXI, ch.2 which follows below).

Progressivists do not really accept all that the Second Vatican Council or subsequent papal Eucharistic documents teach regarding Eucharist, liturgy, or traditional Church teaching in general. The Novus Ordo should at last be made universally to conform to what the Council actually teaches if it is to bear better fruit.”There must be no innovations unless the good of the Church genuinely and certainly requires them.” — The Consitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the Second Vatican Council

Why the Traditional Latin Mass?

Not because it “restores a sense of the sacred” which many are understandably nostalgic for, but because it fully and sacredly preserves, protects, teaches and recapitulates explicitly the entire unchangeable Catholic Faith at each and every Mass. And this is why it is the greatest sign which Progressivism (aka neomodernism) fears above all else:

Lex orandi, lex credendi, “the law of praying [is] the law of believing,” is the sacred motto of our Christian Faith, which means that it is our prayer which leads to traditional belief and liturgy which leads to Traditional theology. –SH


— More on E. Michael Jones

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