How many futile roads there are in this life. I have strayed or backslid into some of them in the course of my life. Somehow the Lord always reached after me and showed the way to repentance and penance. 2 Cor. 7:10: “For the sorrow that is according to God worketh penance, steadfast unto salvation; but… Read More Penance

Malcolm Muggeridge. A Third Testament.

“World-renowned philosopher, humorist, newspaper editor, and university rector, British writer Malcolm Muggeridge (1903–1990) is best known to American audiences for his book Something Beautiful for God (a classic biography of Mother Teresa that essentially introduced her to the West) and for his frequent appearances on Firing Line. A tart-tongued agnostic, Muggeridge was fascinated by the… Read More Malcolm Muggeridge. A Third Testament.