Our Saving Wounds

We who are alive today have lived in extraordinary times. Never in history were so many ordinary people lured off the narrow way by so many lying signs, wonders and temptations. Few of us came through it unwounded. There is little romanticism in not being a hero. Many men and women courageously crawl through their… Read More Our Saving Wounds

Holy Saturday

The Silence of the Tomb. “Today, there is a great silence.  The Savior has died.  He rests in the tomb.  Many hearts were filled with uncontrollable grief and confusion.  Was He really gone?  Had all their hopes been shattered?  These and many other thoughts of despair filled the minds and hearts of so many who loved… Read More Holy Saturday

Vulgar Grace

Our Lord Jesus Christ gives up(1) on none. Nobody. God help us from ever holding on to any Pharisee within. Brennan Manning writes of brokenness, “My life is a witness to vulgar grace — a grace that amazes as it offends. A grace that pays the eager beaver who works all day long the same… Read More Vulgar Grace


How did he do it? Sept. 22, 2021 By Francis Dottloff How did Christ endure the ignominy of his people, being branded a criminal, tortured, cursed and crucified, lashed, nailed, pierced, and crowned. He doubted, felt forsaken, yet he used his last breath to forgive, as love oozed from his pores more red than blood. Strong, serene,… Read More Crucifixion


August 12, 2021, By Sam Guzman Many I know are concerned about the state of the world. And rightly so. Something significant is happening globally right now, and many ideas once deemed conspiratorial seem to be coming true. Fear of economic collapse, forced compliance to arbitrary mandates, food shortages, media propaganda, technological surveillance, and growing… Read More THE HIDDEN BLESSING IN THE DECAY OF THE WORLD SYSTEM

Mythology: Reasons Why Scholars Know Jesus Is Not A Copy Of Pagan Religions

Bishop’s Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy Jesus Mythicism As Dan Brown in his book The Da Vinci Code writes, “Nothing in Christianity is original.” Much is meant by Brown’s words. It is in recent times that a number of people are claiming that Jesus is simply a rehash of older pagan secretive religions, and… Read More Mythology: Reasons Why Scholars Know Jesus Is Not A Copy Of Pagan Religions