Judeo-Christian Westernism. An Impossible Triangulation.

Review Author: Jason M. Morgan, April 2022, New Oxford Review. The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great. By Ben Shapiro. Publisher: Broadside Books. Pages: 288..Price: $27.99. The Person of Jesus Christ is the hinge of all human history. The Messiah for whom the Jews had waited broke into our world in Bethlehem… Read More Judeo-Christian Westernism. An Impossible Triangulation.

Our Blessed Mother, Mary, in the Order of Grace

Fundamentalist Protestant incomprehension of the Catholic doctrine regarding Mary as the Mother of God is largely and essentially an incomprehension of the Incarnation itself, whereby the Word, who is God, was made flesh (John 1:1; 14). It is rooted in a failure to contemplate, with the Catholic Church, the stupendous implications of this wondrous mystery.… Read More Our Blessed Mother, Mary, in the Order of Grace