When Making Money Is Not A Good Enough Reason

When making money is not a good enough reason for a talented Catholic Christian to “take a job”. What are we building? — See also Vocation Versus Job Hunting No man can serve two masters, the Lord said. Consider: thе Vіdео Gаmе Іndustrу. “Lіkе аnу іndustrу, thе vіdео gаmе іndustrу сеrtаіnlу hаs іts fаіr shаrе… Read More When Making Money Is Not A Good Enough Reason

The Falls of Albert Camus

In his novella, The Fall, the French philosopher and novelist Albert Camus stops lamenting for a moment social injustice as well as the “meaninglessness” and “absurdity” of an empty Nietzschean universe in general, and turns instead to biography, specifically to his own cruelty.  Camus was a notorious, even “obsessive,” womanizer. But in time it got more complicated… Read More The Falls of Albert Camus