Myth Perceptions, Joseph Campbell’s Power of Deceit

by Dr. Tom Snyder, PhD. Joseph Campbell “didn’t have an ideology or a theology,” claims reporter Bill Moyers in his 1988 The Power of Myth television series, frequently broadcast on PBS stations across America. During the six hours of intense interviews with the late mythologist, however, Campbell proves Moyers wrong. The supposedly non-existent theology of Campbell permeates… Read More Myth Perceptions, Joseph Campbell’s Power of Deceit

The Two Babylons?

By: Ralph Woodrow This article first appeared in the volume 22, number 2 (2000) issue of the Christian Research Journal. In my earlier Christian experience, certain literature fell into my hands that claimed a considerable amount of Babylonian paganism had been mixed into Christianity. While the Roman Catholic Church was the primary target of this criticism,… Read More The Two Babylons?