Mixing Capitalism and Socialism: “China is their Model”

“🌈” and abortion serve as the battering rams of the Revolution … An American-born author and mathematician, Dr. James Lindsay has written six books spanning a range of subjects including religion, the philosophy of science and postmodern theory. He is a leading expert on Critical Race Theory, which leads him to reject it completely. He… Read More Mixing Capitalism and Socialism: “China is their Model”

Keeping Out the Jacobins

“The French Jacobins selected France as savior of the world. The new Jacobins have anointed the United States.” Pedro L. Gonzalez.Aug 25. “I’ve been reading The New Jacobinism: America as Revolutionary State by Claes G. Ryn, first published in 1991. It’s a short but insightful polemic about the pernicious influence of neoconservatism—the “New Jacobinism”—on American… Read More Keeping Out the Jacobins