March 25 in the Whole History of the world

Let all the evolutionary philosophers* whose brains must evidently still be only in process (ever “evolving” towards some esoteric terminus of theirs) keep silent with their opinions. The Catholic Tradition, confirmed by the Saints, tells us March 25 is the Greatest of All Days in the whole History of the World, after the Resurrection. God’s liturgical… Read More March 25 in the Whole History of the world

Civilization and Control. Jonathan Pageau

An important discussion on our perilous technological time. Orthodox Christian Jonathan Pageau, Ph.D, writes, “This is my second conversation with Paul Kingsnorth. We talk about his brilliant substack, called The Abbey of Misrule, civilization and control, the power of the state and our technological systems, the matrix, politics, what it takes for communities to survive,… Read More Civilization and Control. Jonathan Pageau