Barron Sketches Michel Foucault

If you like Wokeism then Michel Foucault is your GuyI confess I find challenging Foucault’s later work on sexuality…Can we be a little more modest about the claims we make? … The very people who gave us our Natural Law morality, it’s clear in the platonic dialogues, sex between an older man and younger man was taken for granted… Foucault makes us think a little harder about these things…why don’t we burn heretics at the stake”?

“The ideologies undergirding much of the unrest in our culture stem from these four thinkers: Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre,* and Michel Foucault. Once we understand these figures and their key ideas, we will recognize them everywhere and be prepared to engage today’s challenges.

“In today’s fourth and final discussion, we focus on Michel Foucault, perhaps the least known of the four but maybe the one with the greatest direct impact on the way many in our culture think today.”

🌈 2012 Michael Parenti (1:02f) Suggests Gay “Marriage” Became a major Issue in 2004, Introduced by the Deep State Powers to Distract From the Iraqi War. “What’s Next, He Asks, The Right to Man-Boy ‘Love’?”

* The Falls of Albert Camus

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— Antichristic Uncertainties