Pornography: and Spiritual Devastation.

Beyond excuses and worldly rationalizations, pornography represents an abuse of ‘liberty’ and makes a mockery of Western Law. It should be outlawed. It is a clear and present danger to human souls and threatens marriages, families, priestly vocations, every child of God.


—May 2023: Testosterone levels ‘plummeting’ in young men due to porn consumption

Dr. Larry Chapp interviews Father Allen Hoffa on the dangers of pornography.

“The recovery of moral control and the return of spiritual order have now become the indispensable conditions of human survival.” — Cultural Historian Christopher Dawson

—- Debate May, 2023: Ben Shapiro and Matt Fradd

Truth and “Catholic Guilt”

The False Christ of Fr. Richard Rohr. Trent Horn.

Porn is also corporate $$$ human trafficking. It is in no small measure a means that keeps people glued to the Internet and its corporate advertisers. All victims of this corporate greed are thrown away without another thought.